lola (painkillers) wrote,

la removida

when you get in the vip list, when you get all these free drinks, it all becomes a little blurry. we are getting all this exposure, i see them in the papers, in fashion magazine photoshoots, i saw them on tv today, we are famous on the internet. what if i got my pants on in front of wendy james the other day, what if a third of my friends are stylists, what if another third own the clubs, what if the other third are djs, what if i've become a dj myself, what the fuck. we live in this kind of small town where everyone knows each other, where everyone is a star, but we are no one outside the scene, most of us don't really earn much money and live with our parents. we were the weird kids at high school and still when we're in the tube people look at us because we dress and look strange. we are still the weird kids, we forget about the world outside the underground, we are still the weird kids, why do you envy us.
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