lola (painkillers) wrote,

to liverpool

what i liked was running through the airport alone, despite my being terrified, i felt free like i do only when i'm scared to death. what i liked was the excitement of taking off for the first time and the girl beside me ordering whiskey and carefully placing it into her bag, then falling asleep for the whole flight. what i liked was the man behind me who asked me if he snored and who actually did. what i liked was waking up in liverpool when everyone was out at college and walking the streets alone until i memorized them. what i liked was standing in front of the dj at the virgin store, and him happy to see someone had finally noticed him. what i liked was all the british houses i could see from my window on the train to manchester and the lovely lady who made me fill in a survey about the national railroad system. what i liked was bold street with its fancy and expensive shops and taking all the fliers in them, and that place in topshop no one paid attention to and was lovely. what i liked was the unbelievable graveyard and the chorus rehershal in a psychedelic church, with its couple of men hiding playing the trumpet. what i liked was dancing like mad and people liking me and walking home with a girl i'll probably won't see anymore, which is a shame. what i liked was crossing the airport control without a passport and with exceeding hand luggage, offering cookies at everyone, and the staff smiling at me and being the kindest because i guess i looked so harmless. what i liked was random people helping me with my exceeding luggage. what i liked, again, was the thrill of taking off, and that man beside me drawing and writing something like chemistry or physics formulae. what i liked was the english landscape getting tinier below me and reading tim burton, roland barthes and seventeen magazine, all while i was eating my cookies. that's what i liked.
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